Femicide census reports dating from 2009 – 2021

2021 femicide census report cover

Femicide report 2021

The femicide census is the most comprehensive study of the women killed by men in the UK. The 2021 report will be published soon.

Key findings from the femicide census 2021

At least 147 women were killed by 144 men in 2021

78 (53%) women killed by men in 2021 were killed by a current or former intimate partner. The average between 2009 and the end of 2021 is 60%.
35 (24%) women were aged 66 years and over. This is significantly higher than the average of 14% of women killed between 2009 and 2018.
33 women (52% of those killed by intimate partner/former partner) were taking steps towards leaving or had left the relationship.

108 (74%) women were killed in their home. A further 8 women (5%) were killed in a house where ownership was not disclosed and 5 women (3%) were killed in the perpetrator’s home.

In most cases (72%) men used one method of violence to kill.  In 22% of cases, two or more forms of violence were used.

Five men (3%) were subject to indefinite hospital orders or detained under the mental health act.
Eighty-eight men (62%) were known to have histories of violence against women and/or were subject to monitoring or restrictions by a statutory agency at the time they killed a woman.
122 men (85% of all killers, 97% of those men charged) were charged with murder, double or multiple murder.
There were indications of problematic substance use in 35 men (24%)
16 men (10%) killed themselves after they killed a woman or women.

Men found guilty of murder were handed sentences between 11 and 37 years. Two men were given whole life sentences.

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