Femicide Census

The Femicide Census is a unique source of comprehensive information about women who have been killed in the UK and the men who have killed them.

Data for 2019 and 2020 is now available.

Femicide report for 2020

Men’s violence against women is a leading cause of the premature death for women globally but research in the UK and Europe is limited and unconnected.  The Femicide Census significantly improves upon currently available data by providing detailed comparable data about femicides in the UK since 2009, including demographic and social factors and the methods men selected to kill women.  By collating femicides, we can see that these killings are not isolated incidents, and many follow repeated patterns. Please help us fund this vital work.

Key findings from the femicide census 2020

110 women were killed by men in 2020

111 men have been implicated in their killings, but to date only 79 men have been found guilty or, or pleaded guilty to the killing of a woman, or otherwise have been held responsible for the killing in the cases where the perpetrator was detained under the mental health act or died by suicide prior to conviction

57 women (52%) were killed by current or former partners.
14 women (13%) were killed by their son, nine women (8%) were killed by a stranger
77 killings (70%) took place in the home (that of the victim and perpetrator, that of the victim or that of the perpetrator).

Latest news

Clare Bell

The Femicide Census has requested a review of the sentence of Mark Clowes in respect of the death of Clare Bell under the Unduly Lenient